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September 2010



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Sep. 16th, 2010


(no subject)

Good evening,

Earth to earth ashes to ashes. yesterday we said goodbye for the last time.
The flag of the british legion  was raised high throughout the service and then took a bow as he went behind the curtain.
So that is that and i shall remain a crutch for anyone that needs my support and feel greatful that i have such wonderful people in my life to support me. Last night i did not know what to do with myself and felt a little unhinged but a few glasses of the red stuff calmed me down :) So i went to bed with little Oscar and snuggled into my hello kitty cushion. Had a rubbish nights sleep and 5 am definateley came around too soon.
But, as soon as i had a smashing cup of tea... i do love the first cup of the day gosh it really is the best!!! and showered and listened to the radiio i felt quite spritely and ready to tackle the day ahead. my chipper mood stayed with me all day which was nice,yay! worked pretty much 13 hours with only two fifteen minute breaks but i quite like being that busy as it makes me feel organised and that im actually doing somwething. Drove home listening to Joshua Radin which was lovely as it was still sunny and i was admiring the rolling hills and countryside and i drove back Devon bound. I really do live in a beautiful part of the world. Nothing makes me feel happier than looking at a view that stretches for as far as the eye can see i just love how it looks like a giant patchwork quilt.

i came home and had a quick tidy up and lit lots of candles so its lovely and cosy while im writting this although not liking that theres no one next to me on the sofa. But generally feeling nice and relaxed and currently looking for country cottage retreats i think im due a break soon and want to have a roaring fire in the evenings with no television on just music and sipping a lovely glass of merlot with subtle candle light maybe reading or just being absorbed in a conversation. I really really need a break and some tlc i think and i dont mind saying that :)

I have managed to get a circuit board and an old casette player from a car which im going to put on my box for being a robot on saturday night. im super excited planning on wearing a box on my middle sprayed silver if the bloody paint works that is else ill tin foil it. erm circuit board attached, then silver hot pants over balck tights with random silver bits on, new rock boots then painting all the visible skin, so upper body and face silver. purple wig complete with spark plugs dangling off wire the silver contact lenses. Boy i love dressing up and going out with all my favourite girlies so i am super excited just worried about how much jack daniels will be consumed and i dont want to be hangin out of my arse in case i need to drive somewhere sunday or not drive but just look like well not hung over death he he.

Time for some hardcore jeffery deaver reading in bed now i think,
have to sy im feeling smiley at the mo its nice i like being a cheeky one : D
ok ,laters lovers, lollipop out xxxxx

Sep. 14th, 2010




I find myself back on live journal writing my thoughts and daily shenanigens, oh how i have missed endlessly writing gibberish. But actually i dont think i can call it that as when i stumbled across all my old journals it brought back so many happy memories and memories of the smallest little things that i had forgotten but were oh so relevant and meaningful in my life. And i never want to forget these things that for that split second made me feel something and made me feel enough to write them down. I want to cherish everything and embrace everything.... i love feeling things and seeing things that stir something in me.  Alive it makes me feel alive and i bloody love it.
This evening as i left work in the pouring rain i felt so sad about the death in my family and feeling that i cannot do anymore when i want to take everyones pain away. I feel i am like a strong piece of iron at the moment organising, supporting, loving, and working but i think if i am iron then i have a breaking point as im feeling more like glass right now. But strong and positive i will remain. So yes as i was leaving work (in tears) i sat in my car and fiddled with my ipod to play some music that was representative of my mood, so i put on city and colour but as i drove i found myself popping on florence and the machine and belting out cosmic love, tapping my foot and banging my steering wheel. Now i am thinking this is odd as surely i should be mourning and i went from crying to singing at the top of my lungs maybe it was just a release. I dont know.
I sent a cute letter today i have missed writing as in hand writting letters i think theres something so romantic about it and i even sprayed purfume on the paper.... i felt like a lady in the war writting to her beloved as she sat at her dressing table over lookikng a lake and using a hand held perfume puffer. I think i just slipped into crazy romantic fantasism ha! when reality of it was i was sat in my victorian house in 2010 with a road outside! I hope the lady ive sent my letter to likes it. I have had this someone on my mind again today. It is nice she is nice actually more than nice she is soft and pretty and thoughtful and innocent and pure. <3 i hope that she knows how brilliant she is as if i dont know her for long or even if i end up knowing her for a long time i hope she realises those things.

i was looking for holidays last night i sooo want a holiday. i would love warmth, wine, scenery, horses, exploring and feel in the bosom of calm and total relaxation.
But for now i will drink my cup of tea on my cosy sofa with my lovely cats Oscar and Harold and prepare for tomorrow then all i can do is look forward to what the weekend may bring. Always put on a smile and get on with what life is going to throw at you and tomorrow i think im going to have a lot thrown at me but its ok ill breathe and take myslef away or 5 minutes if i need to vent and then return back with that smile on my face. I am iron!! he he im also i twat i know ha ha ha !!

i think im going to retire to bed soon the 5 am starts and 13 hour days arent my friend. Wish i wasnt getting into an empty bed tonight im feeling the overwhelming need to be cuddled as much as is possible.... maybe my super fat cat will cuddle me not quite the same but for now it will do.

One final thought im having right now as my phones buzzing is i am so touched my the love of my friends i love then more than anyting and i am so so blessed to have such amazing people in my life.

love x x x

Sep. 13th, 2010


(no subject)

 Hello, Not really a great deal to say on here at the moment as ive only just remembered i have a live journal by receiving a random email! 

\So maybe that is a sign i need to start updating and writting on here, Im a little over face book yawn back to the old school for me and my my have i been having a laugh at the old posts i have from years ago my how things have changed he he 

love love <3 xx

Sep. 8th, 2005


(no subject)



Hello all! Firstly the pic is showing you ive had my hair cut off, it was scary but i like it.

So as per usual ive just been working a load of hours, but was eventually able to get up to plymouth the other night to see caz shell filth and joy. It was a beautiful evening I miss my friends so much.

Fellow is still gorgeous and being a super star.... aw love my horsey :)

This weekend plans are ive got a 13 hour shift friday then coming up to plymouth on a failed hen night, so Caz and I are going to escape and do our own thing. hopefully get to see some of you out and about. Then saturday I'll go and ride Fells then get ready for sunday. Its the vintage car riveara run we go from the Hoe then drive to falmouth for lunch and back again. We're taking the zephyr so I hope the weather is good so we can put the roof down, also i want it down because I bought a fab leopard print head scarf and want to show it off. I havent totally decided what to wear but everyone has to dress in period with the car they are driving so mines 50's so need to think of an outfit.

I have also changed my mobile number so if you wouold like it leave me a comment and ill post it to you.

Miss you all

Lots of love Lise xxx

Jul. 26th, 2005



Woo I finally had a day off today so I popped into Plymouth to buy a few bits, i bought a funky pair of tukk shoes with a cats face on the front for work. :) should amuse the grannies!!
So once again nothing exciting has been happening with me, although i did go out with some people from work on saturday night and got mingingly drunk ans slept at work. Good times!!!
I have this weekend off so am planning on going out on friday so hopefully ill get to see some of my lovely friends that i miss so much.
Foxy honey are you still down? Please come out on friday so i can see you and give you some loving.

Right im off to the cinema to see dark water now.

Take care my lovely's.

love you all to pieces

lise xxxxxxx

Jun. 26th, 2005


im still alive!!

I thought I had better update because I havent seen anyone for ages.
My life has been so crazy, I have been working 60hr weeks and when im not working im sleeping. I am missing everyone in Plymouth so so much but hopefully I'll be up soon because I want to go and see the wifes new place.
I have bought a horse! He is gorgeous... Called Fellow 16.2hh dark bay 5 yr old. This is another reason why I havent been able to see anyone because any spare time i have im up riding him. I have my new rota for July and ive actually got a few days off woo! so im going to make an effort and come up.
Joy are you ok my lovely? Im going to call youlater and have a natter.
Caz and shell all the best in the new house! :)

ow foxy you must be down today *bounce*! we have to meet up and get trashed!

I love you all and i hope i get to see you all soon... if you havent forgot about me ha ha ha.


Jun. 3rd, 2005



I am very sleepy so excuse the spelling. The last few days have been amazing- the uni ball was sooo much fun! Also I think I have worked my feelings for someone and just hope it works out :) I wont get to see her for a while because she has gone away so cant wait for her to get back.

I will post some pictures of the ball when I get them back.
Yesterday I had a really lovely day with Kat we went and saw Sin city.... Oh my god its so good. Then we took the dog for a walk at Plymbridge woods and let him splash around in the river.

So yeh Download festival is soon approaching yay! I hope I've got enough time to get everything ready. Joy I'll give u a call tomorrow and we can sort out what time ill pick you up etc.

love you all dumplings! xxxx

May. 17th, 2005


(no subject)

My life of late has been slightly crazy. I am one confused, upset girlie at the moment. Alot of things in my life are changing and its spinning me out.I am sorry to everyone if ive just been shit and emotional but hopefully ill get over it soon and ill be ok.
So I am going to jelly jazz tomorrow night with neets and i cant wait to see her :)

Work has been ok, ive got a few days off this week so m going to flambards on thursady! :0 its going to be great.

So nothing else exciting has really been happening, just i need to sort myself out before i lose someone very specail. *sigh*

night night all sweet dreams

lisey xxxxx

May. 7th, 2005


(no subject)

Hello all!
Life has been pretty good this past week, I havent been working much so I've been out drinking :)
Monday night caroline and I fancied recapturing our youth so we pured some Jd and coke in a water bottle and went and sat in our old local park. Swings are sooo great when your wasted lol. Then we staggered upto the Jubilee for a game of pool and more drinks. I was soo drunk and was sick, but its fine! :)

On wednesday joy and I went out for a few quiet drinks which obviously led to 3 or 4 different bars and ending up at student night in jfks. VERY VERY DRUNK! Had a fab time, was very naughty with a certain lovely girly *blush* but I really like her so its ok. Im guessing it wont go anyway though.
Caroline and I went to a killer gym class yesterday, the teacher is the devil I swear, we were both in so much pain, but 'no pain no gain' as the saying goes. Then we watched a scary film in bed and I had a really horrible nightmare :(
Today ive been chilling out and re dying my hair. I fancy an early night in bed with my book and a hot drink. mmmmm.
Im working loads next week mainly 13 hour days and only have wednesday off. Liseys going to be snoozey!!

P.s why is it when you try and help someone it just goes in one ear and out the otherm hm kinda pissed off about a certain someone. wish they'd jut see what they're doing to themselves

Love you all
Lise xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

May. 1st, 2005


(no subject)

Blah blah im drunk and its great, i love the feeling of not having to work in the morning. Im going to the hurlers tomorrow with the lovely lisa :) Should be an awsome day weather providing!
Me and joy went to jelly jazz last weds and had a great time, very drunk but it was good. We fell in a bush on the way home, and peaed on a roundabout it was beautiful!!! ha ha right well my concentration level now is shit so im off to bed!

Love you all to pieces!

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